11 th September 2011 - The Day of the Dog is celebrated at Dalemain in the Lake District.

KCAC joined up with Community Action Nepal and celebrated the DAY OF THE DOG in Cumbria this year

Every year in Nepal, for one day, all dogs, including strays, are looked on with respect. A red tika is put on the dog's forehead and a garland of flowers around its neck and It is prayed to so that it will guard the house as it guards the gates of the underworld and in so doing divert destruction away from the home.

We met at Dalemain near Ullswater, for a morning walk. Sir Chris Bonington and the Countess of Dundonald led off the walk to Dacre Church where all the dogs came in and prayers were said for them.  Despite the beginings of Hurricane Katya passing, 45 dogs turned out with their owners.

A special thanks to Robert and Jane Hasell-McCosh for generously allowing us to use their house for the event.